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We understand that sometimes, you might prefer reading content at your own pace. That’s why we’ve taken our most popular podcast episodes from Bob & Jeremy’s Conflab, The Reality is Sales Training, and Contact Centre Focus and transformed them into blogs so that you can access the same valuable content in a written format, with the flexibility of reading them at your convenience.

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Election Special: Why does Public Speaking Matter?

by Bob Morrell

As we enter a campaign for a major election, in a year of elections all over the world, the importance of public speaking becomes essential.

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Ageism Bias in Contact Centres

by Bob Morrell

In the realm of customer service, biases get in the way of exceptional service delivery.

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Tipping, Service Charges, Brand Charges… What is Happening with This ‘Grey Area’?

by Bob Morrell

The act of tipping, while commonplace, remains one of the most intricate social customs we engage in regularly.

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Businesses – How Do You Buy? How Do Companies Sell to You? B2B Selling in a Hybrid World

by Bob Morrell

In the constantly evolving landscape of B2B sales and marketing, businesses are facing a new set of challenges and opportunities in the hybrid world.

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Empowering Your Teams – Free Up Time & Focus on Valuable Work

by Bob Morrell

In today's competitive business environment, empowering teams is more than a trend; it's a necessity, especially in high-stakes areas like contact centres.

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Selling More: Is It Down to Behavioural Science or Just BS?

by content_admin

Some will claim that in the world of sales, staying ahead of the curve requires more than just traditional techniques; they say it demands an understanding of human behaviour and psychology.

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Contact Centres - Stop Using Manager Controlled Offers!

by Bob Morrell

In your contact centre, the negotiation process with customers should be a professional and finely choreographed verbal dance!

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Checking With Your Manager – It’s Time to Stop!

by Bob Morrell

In the fast-paced world of your contact centre there’s one persistent issue that keeps cropping up: the notorious "check with the manager" habit.

Visitors at The Moonwalkers immersive experience

The Moonwalkers: Lightroom, Kings Cross, London

by Bob Morrell

This immersive experience presented by Tom Hanks, sits you in the middle of a thousand images that brings you as close as possible to the lunar landings (1969-1972).

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Customer Service in the UK is Getting Worse

by Bob Morrell

In response to a recent survey covered in the Daily Telegraph, ‘Why aren’t we being served?’ (11th February 2024) it seems that customer service levels are plummeting across the UK. …

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Surviving Cold Turkey: Living without Social Media - Part 2

by Bob Morrell

One week on and my social media habits have changed hugely. After my blog on Tuesday I didn’t check my main social media apps until the weekend, and when I did it was only to check messages.

Man waving goodbye to his smartphone

Going Cold Turkey: Trying to Live Without Social Media - Part 1

by Bob Morrell

Social media is an amazing distraction.