How Soon Is Now?

By Jeremy Blake on January 16, 2020

The 3 Camps When it Comes to Training

A few years ago, I had a call from a Canadian chap called Blake who was the European representative of an international training firm. He wanted to meet us at a hotel at Heathrow.

He was keen for us to take advantage of a franchise opportunity. We met. I loved the premise. This firm would only train individuals who would pay for their own development.

You would approach organisations and ask to pitch their people in their café, or open space and then get those individuals keen to invest in themselves to join one of the range of programmes they ran.

If you pitched two hundred people you might get two, you might get more, you might get none. These people would then join a group of other like-minded individuals to get the advantages of peer to peer support.

Upon further discovery, you had to buy an area and as our business was international and not about developing individuals in a geographical area, we didn’t pursue it.

Blake said how potential trainees fall into three camps, the Nows, the Laters and the Nevers.

The Nows

These are the people who are up for it, keen to recognise their skills and turn them into strengths. They want to reduce their weaknesses, they are the go getters who realise that without learning something new, you remain stuck with habits that serve you and those you impact well; and also a tranche of outdated, poor habits and skills, beliefs and approaches that are moving you backwards, keeping you static and at worst – stuck. Nows are the best people to have on your training programme.

The Laters

“Training you say? Hmm I am stacked out at the moment. I’d love to hear about how it goes. Tell you what, if that comes around again pop me down for it in the second or third quarter this year. It’s just not a good time, but I will get around to it.”

The Nevers

“No thanks, sounds like a poor programme. I know all of the things listed in the agenda. Training, is really about just getting on with what you need to do. If you don’t know an answer, look it up. Coaching too, I’ve coached a kids football team for years, I know about that.”

Get the idea?

Blake went on in his compelling pitch to tell us how the Nows convert the Laters and the Laters convert a percentage of the Nevers.

This has been pretty true during our 19 years designing and delivering training and development to people in many different industries in a host of countries.

If you are a Now, a later or a Never when it comes to learning and changing what you do; the good news is you don’t have to change your mind on what you first felt about the opportunity.

When the results and anecdotal evidence come to you through others and not the sellers or stakeholders of the project, you are allowed to make a new decision based on new information.

I’ve made a short film about this for you to use at your next team meeting, workshop or to share online with colleagues or friends. Just email Now! to