How to Handle Multiple Buyers Making the Decision

By Jeremy Blake on September 26, 2017

“Check you’ve got the MAN!” A mantra from my 90s selling days. The MAN was the person who had 3 things enabling them to make a purchase decision:

  1. The Money
  2. The Authority
  3. The Need

A great little way to remind salespeople to stop wasting time, especially with SMEs.

As the size of organisation grows, you are confronted by multiple decision makers ready to drive the stake through your proposal.

WOMAN is a more appropriate acronym to use as some decision makers will also have WISDOM and an OBJECTIVE, as well as having money, authority and the need.

It is very hard to sell your wares to people who don’t understand your product or service. We focus on the person who gets what we do the most and is the one we can train as the most effective reseller to the others.

What made them want you to propose may not be the entire reason they buy.

When you return with your proposal, or if you deliver it verbally over the phone, make sure you help each decision maker achieve their objectives.

If you only get to present to two of the decision-making board, you must train your resellers in the language they will need to convince those not present. What is the language they need to hear that speaks to their mindset and ego?

3 Questions to See Who is Wise and Has an Objective

  1. What will have happened to your business by this time next year that tells you this was the right thing to buy?
  2. How will this investment tie into you being measured on your objectives?
  3. What is the desired return on investment that will make this the best decision you’ve all made in a while?