Is an Election a reason for waiting?

By Bob Morrell on November 7, 2019

Uncertainty has been hanging around the UK economy for over 3 years now. We're used to it - and many of us plan way ahead on purpose, to 'work through' this period. Then, when we think it may be coming to an end, it goes on longer and regardless of your perspective - this ambiguity means we think twice about certain decisions.

We're approaching an election in 5 weeks time, so could decide to avoid big decisions until afterwards - because we think we will have more clarity as to what will happen. However, what if there's less certainty? A hung parliament, no overall winner, no coalition, in fact, just as much division and confusion as we have now? What if we have to have another referendum, or another election?

One thing is permanent, things will always change. Looking at your business, regardless of what you are working on, the economic and political world will affect you.  So, are you going to wait until you reach a time of total certainty? Or are you going to make decisions anyway? Because if you delay things by 5 weeks more - that's 5 weeks you could have been implementing, developing, learning, growing. Rather than 5 weeks of inactive waiting.

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