Changing Ingrained Habits

By Bob Morrell on October 1, 2019

One of the highlights of going away for me, is eating in new restaurants. The pleasure felt when you receive great service is wonderful - and to eat well means you are enjoying your time away and experiencing new things. One of the features of being a Reality Trainer is the amount of times we eat curry – if you’re not a fan then you’re probably not right for us!

A friend of mine recently told me one of the signs of getting older is that you eat at the same restaurants. You're less inclined to risk something new when you know something else is good. I pride myself on eating at over 500 Indian restaurants over the year. I like to support the same chain restaurants in different towns - but I am not taking any risks here. He's right - I've become more set in my ways as I've got older.

So my new resolution is to try new restaurants and cuisines. Let's be clear - it took someone who knows about this stuff to recognise it before I would notice it myself.

Executive Coaching employs the Coach to help each individual question their own habit (we're all creatures of habit). Some of those habits are good and we should do them more, some of them are holding back our growth and our experience. So, if you're a creature of habit, you probably need an Executive Coach to help you find out which is good, and which needs to change! Reality Training offer one to one Executive Coaching from qualified coaching practitioners.