Building a Related Stories Bank

By Jeremy Blake on May 23, 2017

Bob and I recently spoke at several conferences in April and May, a flurry of sales conferences as the new financial year begins.

At one event, we talked about the power of Related Stories and Case Studies. Getting these to come from the mouths of salespeople lifts the tale from the marketing page and turns the data into drama.

We ran some role play activities using the sculpting method I had learned from Phil Jones, a leading dramatherapist, and we saw people get stuck with what to say to an unconvinced buyer.

I turned to the audience and asked, “Put your hands up if you have found yourself in this same situation and overcome it?” The majority of hands went up.

“Keep your hands up if you can write down what you said to make your client change their mind, what your client did and the results they got?” 5 Hands remained in the air.

One of the most effective ways to help convince clients is not to try to convince them but to simply tell them about another client that was in a similar situation to them and what they did.

Third party endorsement and success is always a far stronger glowing testament to working with you, than you firefighting objections with blood, sweat and tears.

Be the curator in your organisation of the Related Stories Bank and allow people to make as many deposits and withdrawals as they like. You also must create an environment where people ask for stories around the problems they are having.

Host the bank in an online platform, attach it to your CRM and why not create a physical book with contents, for example:

'Page 7 - How I dealt with a customer that told me we were a bunch of Charlatans.'

'Page 9 - The ‘you’re too expensive merchant’ realised you get what you pay for and how I helped him double his Winter trade.'

You get the picture.

A call to arms. Build your Related Stories Bank where tales told well come back in sales orders.