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Selling More: Is It Down to Behavioural Science or Just BS?

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Some will claim that in the world of sales, staying ahead of the curve requires more than just traditional techniques; they say it demands an understanding of human behaviour and psychology. How does behavioural science affect sales training and contribute to your success?

Behavioural science is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of fields, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science and economics, all of which contribute to our understanding of how people behave and why people make the decisions they do. By integrating these insights into sales strategies, professionals can develop a more profound ability to influence and persuade potential customers effectively.

Societal trends and their implications for consumer behaviour are key factors as we are all influenced by these in some form. Understanding trends can signal shifts in consumer/buyer preferences, highlighting the importance of staying attuned to societal changes.

Within sales psychology, (which is what we used to call behavioural science) the power of timing in competitive tenders is one example of where behavioural science may give you an advantage (it depends on the selection procedure). When it comes to convincing customers of a product's value, the alignment of a sales team's mindset with their company's value proposition is crucial (believe your product is worth the money). Internal marketing communication is essential in maintaining employee loyalty.

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It's about driving customer loyalty and improving sales metrics by focusing on high-frequency behaviours that signal longer term sales success, rather than catering to outlier customers with unique, less common needs. Sales teams will often site unusual transactions as some kind of normality when they are not. 

Elmer Wheeler was a pioneer in sales language techniques who understood many years ago how nuance makes such a difference, way before any of the sciences had names.

Language and imagery is also where behavioural science influences sales and marketing strategies. 

As consumers, to some extent we all appreciate how the concept of 'brand anchoring' can affect purchasing decisions. The work of years of marketing departments selecting messages and images, informs how we feel about certain brands and will certainly determine our likelihood to buy. 

Actionable tips and strategies to enhance sales conversations. 

  1. Study Elmer Wheeler on You Tube 
  2. Read Dr. Robert Cialdini's persuasion principles
  3. Additionally, emphasise to your people the importance of curiosity in understanding customer behaviour to target the right buyers effectively.

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Behavioural Science is a useful term, but for many in business and sales, and sales training, we were doing it already. You could argue that behavioural science and it’s study almost began in sales, when humanity created disposable income and every company decided they wanted some of it! 

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