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Bob Morrell on 12.04.2024


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Empowering Your Teams – Free Up Time & Focus on Valuable Work

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In today's competitive business environment, empowering teams is more than a trend; it's a necessity, especially in high-stakes areas like contact centres. What all businesses want are  self-sufficient teams that can operate effectively without constant supervision.

In contact centres, team leaders are constantly being side-tracked by their team's problems. This not only hinders the leaders' own workflow but also limits the team's growth in problem-solving skills. If you can see the patterns of how this happens you can then build strategies for training and coaching that encourage autonomy and efficiency.

One of the most common and most detrimental habit is 'permission-seeking' behaviour. Setting clear guidelines and criteria can empower team members to act independently, which streamlines workflow and fosters a dynamic environment where confidence and time management flourish. 

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By challenging leaders to redefine their roles within the contact centre they cease to be bogged down by administrative tasks, and can focus on strategic initiatives that contribute to a better service experience. By reallocating their time towards coaching, improving systems, and refining service propositions, leaders can truly lead their teams towards success and profitability.

For help with empowering your people you could do a great deal worse than to explore the services offered by Reality Training.

Check out our Contact Centre Focus podcast episode, Empowering Your Teams: Free Up Time & Focus on Valuable Work. Click here to listen: https://bit.ly/EmpoweringYourTeams