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Bob Morrell on 09.04.2024


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Contact Centres - Stop Using Manager Controlled Offers!

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In your contact centre, the negotiation process with customers should be a professional and finely choreographed verbal dance! We believe in the empowerment of contact centre agents and the strategic decision to allow them to negotiate prices without the perennial need to consult a manager. The traditional model of ‘manager approval’ must be challenged, which will be far better for customer satisfaction, agent authority and confidence, and overall operational efficiency. 

By allowing agents to handle discounts autonomously, companies can potentially streamline the sales process and enhance the customer experience. The negative psychological impact on customers when they hear, "Let me check with my manager," cannot be overstated. It creates a moment of suspense, but also a sense of potential mistrust. The customer KNOWS they are getting a discount. Is there a secret stash of deals that only a manager can unlock? Or is this simply a stalling tactic? Why don’t they just ask to speak to a manager?

Empowering agents to make pricing decisions on the spot could be the key to unlocking a new level of trust and transparency with customers. It demonstrates confidence in the agents' abilities and trusts in their judgment. However, it also raises questions about the value proposition of the products and services offered. If an agent can easily drop the price, does it suggest that the initial price was inflated?

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By empowering agents to offer discounts proactively, businesses might find a new avenue for building customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business. But there's a delicate balance to strike. Offering too much autonomy could lead to a slippery slope of diminishing returns, while too little could frustrate customers and agents alike.

Multi-skilled agents who can take any call type, are the holy grail, and who are skilled enough to know which price point they will negotiate at, because of the evidence drawn from their conversations. 

As leaders, it is essential to underscores the importance of empowering frontline agents while maintaining the integrity and value of products and services. 

Check out our Contact Centre Focus podcast episode, Stop Using Manager Controlled Offers! Click here to listen: https://bit.ly/StopManagerOffers