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Bob Morrell on 18.03.2024


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Checking With Your Manager – It’s Time to Stop!

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In the fast-paced world of your contact centre there’s one persistent issue that keeps cropping up: the notorious "check with the manager" habit. It stifles agent autonomy, causes service delays, and chips away at customer trust. The system, which we hear all too often, creates a poor reflection of you and your brand. 

For a contact centre to thrive, empowering agents is key. But far too often, agents find themselves hemmed in by rules that demand they run to the manager for every little decision, even ones they could easily handle themselves. This not only disrupts the flow of service but also sends a message to customers: the company lacks faith in its own team, and is somehow controlling events from afar, for its own, unexplained advantage. 

Empowering agents should be the cornerstone of any contact centre’s ethos. When agents are trusted to use their judgment, the sales process becomes smoother. Customers love quick and decisive service, which breeds customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The benefits of agent empowerment extend beyond just pleasing customers. It leads to cost reductions, as managerial oversight dwindles, freeing up managers for more strategic tasks. And when agents feel trusted, they’re happier in their roles, leading to better performance and lower turnover.

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So, how do we stop? This is a habit that takes a few months to break. It begins by pinpointing common customer requests and giving agents the authority to handle them without delay. Clear boundaries on decision-making empower agents further. It’s about redefining the organisational culture, fostering open communication, and ensuring agents understand the extent of their powers.

Empowering contact centre agents doesn’t just enhance the customer experience – it boosts the bottom line too. It’s time to wave goodbye to outdated practices and let agents shine. Agent empowerment isn’t just a concept – it’s a necessity in today’s service industry. By trusting our agents and giving them the tools they need, we not only optimise our contact centres but also cultivate a culture of sales excellence that echoes in every customer interaction.

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